About Us

K24 Plus is a revolutionary Over the Top Content platform that allows you to only pay for what you like. This platform brings you the very best content from around the world either as Video on Demand or through live channels. We have premium content available both for free and for pay as you consume. The service is currently available only in Kenya.



What Content can I find on K24 Plus?

K24 Plus has both live channels and video on demand content. We have movies, series, telenovelas, African content as well as live channels on Lifestyle, Religion, live news, live sports and local channels. K24 Plus is the first platform that also allows you to stream Kenyan radio stations at no access fee.


How do I sign up?

All you need to sign up for K24 Plus is your mobile number and password. We will send you a One Time Pin (OTP) to verify your phone number and device after which you will be ready to start enjoying the amazing world of content we are offering.


What subscription options are available?

On K24 Plus, you only pay for what you like. You can pay a monthly fee for any one channel, or a one-off fee to watch a series or a movie. There are a lot of channels, movies and series that you can watch absolutely free of charge.


How do I pay to watch content

Payment on K24 Plus is through mobile money. Once you select the content you would like to watch, a payment page from your mobile money provider will open to allow you to enter the pin after which you will be ready to watch.


Can I access K24 Plus on any device?

K24 Plus is available on any smart device that can download the app from the Appstore or Playstore.


In how many countries can I access K24 Plus?

The service is STRICTLY available in the Kenyan territory only.


Can I use K24 Plus on multiple devices?

No, K24 Plus accounts can only be accessed on one device that is registered to the mobile number used when signing up


How do I change my password?

While inside the K24 Plus app, simply go to “Account” found on the bottom right of the screen, an select Change username/Password.


How can I view my account history?

On the K24 Plus app, at the bottom-right side of the screen, select MY ACCOUNT, which leads you to a page that allows you to manage your account including payment options as well as viewing your purchase history.


I got an error saying K24 Plus is unavailable in my location, why?

If you are in Kenya where K24 Plus is available and receive this message, it means we aren't able to accurately determine your location. Try the following: Ensure that DNS or VPN services (e.g. UnoTelly) are disabled. Ensure that data compression proxy services (e.g. Google Data Saver) are disabled.


I forgot my password; how do I retrieve it?

On the log-in page, select “Forgot Password”, you will be prompted to key in your phone number and a one-time pin (OTP)password will be sent to you via sms. Once you key it in, you will be prompted to enter your new password.


Can I create multiple profiles under my account?

K24 Plus only allows one profile for each phone number used to register.


I got an error saying K24 Plus cannot be accessed through proxy or unblocking services. What should I do?

K24 Plus cannot be accessed through proxy or unblocking (VPN) services. If you are in Kenya and get an error stating “proxy or unblocking service detected”, please disable the service and try again.